Introducing the official Wire Ohm electric scooter

Don't settle for imitations. Yours for as low as $29/mo.

  • Smooth ride.

    The Wire Ohm smooths out those rough roads and sidewalks with built in suspension.  We designed a sealed front suspension system to make this electric scooter comfortable to ride while absorbing those pesky divets and cracks on the road.

  • Never feel deflated.

    The Wire Ohm scooter is designed optimally with 8" dynamic puncture-proof tires, specially designed to provide the perfect mix of durability, traction, and handling. Extensive testing have shown that larger tires don’t necessarily improve handling, however the added weight and bulk are not worth the trade-off.

  • Always on the go.

    The Ohm is designed with an innovative quick-folding latch system that can be operated in mere seconds. The stem symmetrically and securely latches to the rear fender making the scooter well-balanced and easy to handle. Your scooter folds and unfolds in mere seconds to keep up with you wherever you go.

  • Take it everywhere.

    First mile, last mile, in between miles. Park and ride, bus and ride, train and ride, joyride. Wire conveniently fits around your life, space, and schedule.

"The best all around electric scooter."

Lightweight, Portable, Powerful.

Wire Ohm Electric Scooter Unfolded with RGB city lights and flat proof tires
  • 7.8 Ah (expands to 13 Ah)

    Innovative, one-of-a-kind 7.8 Ah lithium-ion + expandable 5.2 Ah battery (sold separately) to extend the range on a single charge.

  • 350W / 750W Motor

    The powerful high-torque brushless motor with smart controller runs 350W nominally and 750W peak power. With three performance modes, you can match your pace with your ride. 

  • Programmable LEDs

    Front facing  white LED headlight and rear facing LED tail light help you see and be seen.  Programmable RGB underbody city lights make the road glow any color beneath your feet.

  • Optional WireCare

    Bundle WireCare with your purchase and get all-inclusive worry-free repairs and maintenance. Our extended service is unmatched because it has never been offered.

Ownership made super easy and affordable.

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The Wire Ohm In Action

The simple and clean lines from its unique industrial design – elegant curvature with no exposed wires and cables – will turn heads everywhere you go.

Superb Build Quality

We've got nothing to hide.

The Wire Ohm electric scooter is built with an innovative super lightweight one-piece cast aluminum deck to minimize weight while maximizing strength and manufacturing efficiency.

Our flagship is developed with cutting-edge proprietary tooling and assembled with top quality electrical components and mechanical parts. Using a minimalist fabrication process, the Ohm is designed with less than 35 points of failure. Now that's a first!

Stand Out of the Crowd

You're unique, so should your ride.

With integrated customizable city lights, the Ohm uniquely sets you apart from the rest. Easily set the color of your city lights with one touch from the app.

The Ohm was designed to help you see and be seen from all over unike any other. Best of all, the lights will help you stay visible and stay safe.

"Good build quality and excellent ride!"

The Scooter Review

Received my Ohm a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Kudos to Nick and the wired team despite the unexpected delay due COVID.

"I was going to wait to do a little 100 mile review, but I just crossed the 75 mile mark, and couldn't wait.

To this point, everything electronically and mechanically has performed absolutely perfect, to this point. I've traveled sidewalks, paved trails, and roads."

I'm so impressed with my Wire Ohm. I've purchased other brands that have given me problems or broken down after just weeks of riding. WireCare is a fantastic service that made feel totally at ease and the technicians have been great."