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The Ohm

We've taken everything we've learned about scooters
to bring you a brand new industrially designed,
cast, and assembled scooter with
ruggedness and portability in mind.

No. 1

Be the first one to get your hands on a Wire Ohm.

Control room.

LED display + three performance modes

Keep an eye on your speed and battery level with a quick glance at the easy-to-read LED dashboard.
With three performance modes, you can match your pace with your ride. Keep it slow and smooth, and extend your battery life and range, or go fast and sporty, and get where you're goin' quickly.

Look ahead.

Always move forward

Our ultra-bright LED headlight lets you see ahead so you can keep moving forward.


Seen from behind

Be seen from behind with our bright integrated LED brake lights.
The Ohm was designed to help you see and be seen from all over.

Stand out.

Customizable city lights

Set the color of your city lights with one touch from the app.
Best of all, the lights will help you be seen and stay safe.

You're In Charge

Always stay in charge and feel great about it.
Together, we reduce tens of thousands of charger miles, daily, and consequently, our carbon footprint. You charge your own scooter, whether at home, the office, or anywhere else.

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