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One Size Does Not Fit All: Why the Wire Ohm Might NOT Be Right for You

Like many things in life--cars come to mind first-- no one model is right for everyone.  We think this is great.  Just like some people need big pickup trucks for their job or lifestyle and some people prefer the fuel economy and ease of parking of something like a Mini Cooper, not one electric scooter model is right for everyone.

Since the beginning, I have fielded many of our customer questions on Facebook, Instagram, and our website.  I found a lot of people ask about speed and range.  They are probably the most common questions.

A person carrying the new lightweight Wire Ohm Electric Scooter

Our all-new Wire Ohm 350w electric scooter maxes out at 15.5mph and has a rated range of 21 miles.

Every so often I've found people emphatically insist they want a faster scooter or one with bigger range.  I get that.  We have designed a scooter to be more inline with a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. The Wire Ohm fills the needs of most people and is packed with standard features, but we omitted unnecessary feature that most people would never benefit from.

For instance, one popular scooter [that costs $300+ more than the Wire Ohm] brags about their Toray Carbon Fiber and how light weight it is.  Well, their scooter only weight 8oz less than ours.  I don't know about you, but 8oz isnt worth $300+ to me--I know personally, I could stand to lose a few hundred ounces.

2000w of Power

Every so often I'll get a message from someone comparing our scooter to a crazy high powered scooter.  

Don't get me wrong, I love power and speed.  However, when we set out to build what because them Ohm scooter, we did so with the mission of making an everyday scooter for everyday people.  These fast scooters are great fun, but they are for people looking for a hobby and not just easy transportation.  

The high powered scooters not only take skill to ride, but they also require maintenance work that most people are not interested in.

Designed by Experience

Male and Female friends at Venice Beach with a Wire Ohm electric scooter.

We have been operating the first and longest running electric scooter subscription service in the United States and we have learned a lot from it.   Everything we learned from our customers--the problems they had, the repairs they needed, the way they said they used our first scooters--went into the design decisions of the Wire Ohm.

This is one of the reasons why the Wire Ohm is a little different than many of the popular mass-market scooters.  We didn't design based on what we people said they hypothetically wanted, but instead designed the Ohm based on what we learned form their real-life use.  

Maybe it's right for you...

So, maybe the Wire Ohm electric scooter is the right electric scooter for you, maybe it isn't.  Hopefully after reading this I've at least given you better insight to why the Wire Ohm electric scooter is the way it is and why it's so many people's favorite scooter.


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